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I first started taking dance lessons when I was 2 years old at the Alyce Carella Dance Centre. I was in what is called 'Creative Movement'.
The next year I started Tap Dancing and appeared in my first recital:
I continued Tap Dancing for 4 more years.
Here I am as Annie.
At 7, I started to take Ballet
During the 3rd grade, my class went to see "The Nutcracker' performed by the Hartford Ballet.
I said to myself that I would like to dance in that.
At the end of the year, The School of the Hartford Ballet was going to the schools in Hartford auditioning 3rd graders for scholarships. Since I was already going to a dance school, I wasn't going to audition. My teacher told me to go anyway and worry about the other school afterwards. I went and was accepted to the School of the Hartford Ballet. That winter, I was in the NUTCRACKER!!!
My first part was as a soldier.
Then I was a party child.
I also danced as a Fairalette. This year I am a soldier again. The Hartford Ballet has changed the Nutcracker to be 'The American Nutcracker'. It takes place in the American southwest and there are many new characters involved.
It is real exciting to do. The music, of course, is the same and some of the dances are the same, but the changes that have been made make it great.

While going to the School of the Hartford Ballet, I continued to go to Alyce Carella. I switched to Jazz

Here I am in a Pirate dance.

A tribute to the good ol'


During this, I discovered I had some free time, so I started to take karate lessons.
I took karate for about 5 years, but had to stop because my dance classes were later in the evening and at the same time as the karate lessons. Hopefully, I will be able take it up again.

My brother also dances. He does tap.

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